Obama in Brazil

March 18th, 2011 - no responses

Obama left to Brazil, he’ll arrive in Brasilia tomorrow morning.
Initially Obama would speech for tens of thousands of Brazilians, like he did in Germany in 2008, but the plans changed, he’ll now speech in the Teatro Municipal for 2200 persons.  Obama will surely have a hectic week leaving the US for 5 full days, with the crisis in Libia and Japan on his head, he’s already being criticized back home.
But after this  article Obama wrote himself in the USA Today, the press went somewhat milder on him like here on CNN.
CNN also has a feature on the favellas Obama will visit (actually, Cidade de Deus, yes, the one of the movie).

It’s clear that Obama’s visit is not altruistic, the man wants to export to Brazil and latin America, quoting his words:

Nearly 600 million people live in Latin America. The region’s economy grew by about 6% last year. Between 2010 and 2015, it’s expected to grow by one-third. And as these markets are growing, so is their demand for goods and services — goods and services that, as president, I want to see made in the United States of America.
In 1990, Brazil was the 16th largest market for our goods. Last year, it was the eighth largest. In 2010, our exportsto Brazil grew by more than 30% to just over $50 billion, supporting more than 250,000 jobs here at home.

Again Europe is loosing out bigtime !

And also the Brazilians know why Obama is coming to Brazil: petrol and exports.  This poll clearly shows Brazil is not stupid and will dance Samba with Obama:

More on his visit the coming days.
Meanwhile this excellent article in The New York Times is wortwhile reading.

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